We all hate "getting pictures done." Stressing out about how we look, how everyone is going to act, whether the photos will come out looking ok. GROSS.


what are your actual favorite snapshots, when you grab that old box from the closet? Is it the formal JC Penney photo? Or is it that old image from that time your baby brother got stuck in the toilet? Or the one where you're seven, and appear to be doing some kind of weird dance moves while eating pickles?


A few years from now, what are you really going to miss about your life in this moment? The hairstyles you had? The clothes you wore? Doubt it. You're going to miss the little rituals that change. The weird little quirks that your weird little ones grow out of way too quickly. You're probably even going to (occasionally) miss the annoying things.

So what's documentary family photography?

It's so simple. Imagine waking up on your "family photo day" and doing nothing differently from any other day - except to invite me in when I ring the doorbell. I spend the whole day hanging out with you and your loved ones, experiencing your life, and documenting all the things I see. You end up with photos that feel like the life that you live. All you have to do is trust me when I say that the magic is already happening in your life, every day, and that I promise to capture it for you.

It's life. It's just me spending hours and hours with your family as you go about doing the things you always do - eating, relaxing, mini-crisis averting, blowing noses, laughing and playing - seeing the pieces that make up your life right in this moment, and capturing them so that you can remember forever.

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