I've been meaning to start a photo blog for a while now. But - as with most things, it's easy to put off...and off...and off...

But after this newborn session, I could think of no better post to kick off my blog, so the procrastinating had to end! I met Chrissy when I was a senior in high school, and she entered as a freshman. You know how some people's good hearts and old souls just shine out through their faces? Chrissy is one of those people, and I loved her instantly. 

Well, I graduated that year and left the state for college - and as these things happen, Chrissy and I eventually lost touch, except for the occasional Facebook comment or two (once Facebook came into existence a few years later).

Over a decade has passed since we last spoke, and in that time, we both got degrees, developed careers, dealt with love and loss and health crises, got married...basically, we grew from girls into women. But I've never forgotten that good heart, and that old soul, and every time I saw a photo or post from Chrissy, it brought a smile to my face and a surge of affection to my heart.

So when Facebook told me that Chrissy was pregnant, I couldn't resist. I sent her an email and virtually begged her to let me photograph her growing family. And instead of taking out a restraining order...she said ok! It was wonderful and amazing to be invited into Chrissy's beautiful home, to get quality time with her and her delightful husband Pete (who teaches at our old high school!) and, of course, to meet their precious new addition, Catherine Elisabeth.

For me, photographing a growing family is not just about the tiny, adorable hands and feet, fine hair and sweet infant expressions. It's about capturing the love, joy, hopes, dreams, excitement and protectiveness that comes with the birth of a child: things that I felt in abundance the moment I entered Chrissy and Pete's home.  

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